Spirit Filled Rock 'n' Roll

Welcome to the Official Missing Penny Web Site!

Band members:
Joey Cagle - Singing and a little screaming. A little keyboard playing too because he wants to play an instrument
Emmanuel - plays on strings stuck to a funny shaped thing he calls a guitar. Also Screams a lot and sings a little.
Christian - plays on strings stuck to a funny shaped thing he calls a guitar.
Phillip - plays on strings stuck to a funny shaped thing he calls the bass guitar. Very similar to the guitar but with less strings.
Michael - beats on things. He likes beats.
We are a very experimental alternative/emo/punk band from Garner, North Carolina. We sing about the one true God we love. We praise his name and make it fun doing so. We also spread the gospel to those who need it. And if you think about it, or even if you don't think about it, we all need to hear the gospel.

We will be ready to preform soon. Please be patient. We just started and we're practicing some songs.

E-mail Joey@missingpenny.faithweb.com to contact the band

We are DIFFERENT from other punk bands!

Most punk bands you know of probably sing about girls all the time. Many of these bands claim to be christian punk bands; others claim to be christians in a band but not a christian band. Well first of all, WE ARE a christian band! Second of all, WE DON'T SING ABOUT GIRLS!!!

But...what else is there to sing about?

Well, think about it. We're a Christian band, so we sing about JESUS! We use punk rock style music to praise God. We're a PRAISE AND WORSHIP PUNK BAND! You see, there's the god of the world, Satan. The world worships him. But we worship the one true God, the one who sent his son, Jesus, to die for us. And Satan hates it when we sing God's praises. Satan REALLY hates it when we use a style of music he thought he had control over, punk rock. Punk rock was a style of music that expressed rebellion. Now we express our rebellion against Satan!

Christian Punk Rock. Rebel Against Satan.

Coming soon...Missing Penny and CxPxRxRxAxSx shirts!